Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh, C'mon with this!

At the Kodak Professional's ProPass website, the article is titled "Vicki Taufer ~ Lessons Learned. Techniques Perfected.", and the article begins: "Six years ago, newlyweds Vicki and Jed Taufer looked at each other and said, “What the heck, let’s do it.”.


While the article then goes on to say is "The ‘it’ they were referring to was turning Vicki’s hobby into her career." Ok, that's not making anything clearer.

Yes, yes, I know she wanted to pursue photography, but come on, what possessed Vicki and Jed to pose for a photo like the one above on the right, that they then distributed to promote themselves via an e-mail from their partner in this endeavor, Marathon Press, especially for a seminar they are/were doing? (See the e-mail online here, or via PDF here. ) Even if that image didn't accompany the ProPass article, it's kinda like this site which shows the sad juxtaposition of promotional pieces with other placements, or just life in general.

These people are, no doubt, excellent story-tellers with their images. A review of their website reveals that they sure can make stunning images of all sorts of things - they know how to communicate with an image. So, why on earn tell a story like the one that they are using to market themselves? I just can't figure it out, and I can't wait to read your comments!

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Marshall said...

I'm scared even to make the jokes.

But I do wonder how many people actually looked at this picture in-between shutter-click and publish without realizing that it looks, um, like it looks.

Anonymous said...

Well.. . at least they are having fun at it...

Why? Well it made you look. So in the advert world it works... it fits with the wording...

I imagine that folks ROTFLTAO is what they wanted...

Chris P

Anonymous said...

Is there a Eugene Smith vignette button in PS or Camera Raw that I'm missing? i can't find too many images these days without it being obvious beyond.

Anonymous said...

I got their ad, and discounted it immediately because of that image. They may be great photographers, but that image doesn't speak well of their professionlism or judgement.

Anonymous said...

ha....yeah, that was a bit unfortunate. that shot was a joke and shouldn't have been published or even sent in the first place.

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