Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Speedlinks 06/12/07

Today's Speedlinks.

  • USING MUSIC ON YOUR SITE, LEGALLY - Are you someone who has music on your website, or who uses it in multimedia packages? If so, starting here to avoid the long arm of the RIAA law is a good idea.

  • Photographers’ Websites – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - The photographer's consultant, Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua expands on music being used on websites in this PDF on her site, where she says, in part:
    Music is also not a great idea unless there is an obvious “off” button. The ABs in the survey agree, with 22% saying music is “always annoying” and 39% saying it’s “annoying but okay as long as there is an ‘off’ button.” Remember, many of these people work in open cubicle environments so sound can be a problem in the workplace. Also, you may love Snoop Dogg but your potential client may hate rap music—why run the risk of offending? I’ve seen more than one person click off a site in disgust because of the music.

  • Camera Shutter Life Expectancy Database: feel free to chime in - Remember, that camera won't last forever, and will die soon, maybe on the next job. Be sure to consider this expense in your CODB, and check out the article.

  • Photojournalists at 'The Sun' Launch Protest 'Strike' - From Editor & Publisher - "Eighteen Baltimore Sun photojournalists launched a byline strike today protesting Tribune Co.'s move to force reporters to become photographers and videographers as a way to cut costs." Smooth move. The pencil pushers seem to think they can take great photos, but, what if we make the argument that we could also write the articles, so just let go some of those pesky reporters? Would that idea fly? Didn't think so. Fight the power!
Now go! Check 'em out, and come back soon!
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Adam said...

John, The first link is broken, needs a small edit. Other than that thanks for all of your info here and in your book!


John Harrington said...

Fixed - thanks!


Anonymous said...

How does a byline strike work? It's just letting their pics run without credit, right?

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