Sunday, April 1, 2007

Promote Your Product or Service

Promote Your Product, Service or Website to over 60,000 visitors each month.

Now, you can economically promote your company or organization to photographers all around the word in a single step. Advertising on Photo Businews News and Forum is easy, reasonably priced and effective.

Here are some of our statistics:
Over the course of a month, Photo Business News & Forum gets about 60,000 page views, and is read via RSS by approximately 1,500 people each day, for an approximate viewing total of 95,000 impressions.

Our readership is primarily English-speaking, with 70% coming from the United States, 8% from Canada and 5% from the UK. The other 17 percent are spread around the world, mostly in Western Europe and Asia.

Our readership is made up of photographers who are running a photographic business well and looking for pointers, or aspiring to run one well, and looking for wholesale information. If your products or services are geared towards solving workflow or equipment solutions to a market segment that can afford quality products, then this forum is for you.

Prices for image-linked ads are as follows:

  • 300p X 250p (Medium Rectangle) above fold: $2.00 CPM
  • 240p X 400p (Vertical Rectangle) above fold: $2.50 CPM
  • 336p X 280p (Large Rectangle) above fold: $2.50 CPM
  • 180p X 150p (Rectangle) above fold: $1.50 CPM
  • 300p X 250p (Medium Rectangle) below the fold: $1.50 CPM
  • 240p X 400p (Vertical Rectangle) below the fold: $1.50 CPM
  • 336p X 280p (Large Rectangle) below the fold: $2.00 CPM
  • 180p X 150p (Rectangle) below the fold: $1.25 CPM
  • 728p X 90p leaderboard, top, when available: $5 CPM
  • 88p X 31p microbar: $1.25 CPM
  • 120p X 240p (Vertical Banner): $1.75 CPM
  • 728p X 90p leaderboard, bottom: $2.25 CPM
  • 160p X 600p (Wide Skyscraper): $3 CPM
  • 120p X 600p (Skyscraper): $2.50 CPM
  • 300p X 600p Half Page Ad: $6 CPM

(CPM = Cost per 1,000 page views)

Photo Business News & Forum welcomes inquiries about exclusive parternship marketing and advertising arrangements for specific market segments. Please feel free to inquire.
Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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