Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Self Confidence

Remember when you were under age, and tried to fake your way into a bar, buy at a liquor store, or buy cigarettes? Perhaps it was a cousin's license that sorta looked like you. Maybe it was your license that you'd changed the date because your birthdate somehow was easily switchable with a slight stroke of a pen to turn you from 18 to 24. Or, perhaps, a more underhanded way - a totally fake license.

When the license evaluator cast a critical look at it, and handed it back (or confiscated it!) and said "fake. You're not coming in." You stammered something, but you had no fortitude in your position. You knew you'd been busted.

Fast forward to a week after your 21st birthday, when that baby face has the bouncer or store clerk saying "you're not coming in, this is a fake." Within seconds, you are all over him, "What do you mean fake? That's me idiot! I am 21, and I've waited years to get to this date. Get me your manager. You can't keep me out!"

In a short period of time, you've had no confidence in your position (because you knew it was a fake) to the ultimate in self confidence "How dare you...!" This is the attitude you must have about your work as a photographer.

You must develop self-confidence in your work. One of the most important things in business is self confidence, and to believe in yourself. You will almost surely fail if you don't believe in yourself. In the not to distant future, I am going to write about Ego, it's risks and benefits.

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Unknown said...

Such a short post about such an important concept!

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