Monday, February 19, 2007

Save the Date: February 26th (Next Monday), Chicago Bound for Free Presentation!

I'm headed to Chi-town! The last time I was in Chicago it was for a guerilla-style photo shoot along the shoreline, no permits, no plan (as the client dictated), and, at one point, no subject! (ask me about that at the presentation.) I am looking forward to my trek there to talk business with a bit more advance planning! Each time I gather with a group of people who are so focused on growing their knowledge about the somewhat confusing side of the business of photography, I get excited. If you've got a copy of my book, and feel it'll be worth more when you sell it on e-bay with my signature, bring it down and I'll be happy to sign it, as it's not for sale there.

Here are the details, as set forth by our friends at Apple, and the Advertising Photographers of America, who are jointly sponsoring this free lecture series.

Pro Sessions: The Business of Photography

Program description:
If you had your way, pro photography would be all about the photographs. But how you handle copyright issues, releases, and marketing is just as important to your success. Catch the current series of Pro Sessions—presentations that let you hear firsthand from creative professionals—to learn how top photographers manage the less glamorous side of things.

Program begins: 7:00pm

Directions to the store: Apple Store North Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Other lecture series details:

Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.


Tina Jean said...

I am so excited you are coming to Chicago! It just started to warm up so hopefully by next week we have good weather for you. I have been talking about you as I am reading your book and find it helpful everyday. (And I am only on Chapter 9) Thank you for the book, the blog, and all you have given to the photo community. I was hoping to come out to D.C. when the time was right, later this year and learn from you. Its ironic that now you are coming to Chicago. I look forward to hearing you speak and meeting you. If you have any questions about Chicago please let me know. I have lived in the city for over three years now, went to college here, and grew up in the suburbs, so I am quite familiar with it all. I will also let the IPPA (the Illinois chapter of NPPA) know you are coming, I am sure other members would love it. Have a safe trip.
Tina Jean Wagner

Raoul Wegat said...


Any chance of a visit to & presentation in Melbourne, Australia? ;-)


PS. Love your book & blog also.

John Harrington said...

Raoul -

Sure, just find someone who'll cover my costs to come and speak!


Anonymous said...

Do you have plans to come to San Francisco?

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