Thursday, February 8, 2007

Oh, the Happless Duck!

Below, our happless duck, over the past two days has been quite degraded by prospective clients, and those purportedly aspiring to be like the duck.

What continues to make me roll my eyes is the notion that we photographers sit around doing nothing, and fortunately, the WTD strip is written by a photographer, so he knows whereof he's speaking. For us, if you consider today, Thursday, as the fourth day of the week (and for photographers, that must be stated, as most of us work weekends regularily) then I'm supposedly in the midst of the 30th hour work-week wise, and I've only had a camera in front of my face for about two hours so far. Does that mean I'm slacking off the other 28? How about the fact that I have to work this evening, when most folks will be sitting down to dinner, or have a meeting midday Saturday? Beyond that, clients have called saying "remember {job a year ago}, we can't locate the CD, do you have an archive of it?" Of course we do. And yesterday was spent transitioning images from January live drives to archival drives, in a manner which allowed us to respond immediately to that type of client request. In addition, we are working on a major retouching project that lives up to the previous The Art of the Retoucher entry and then some.
In addition, we've been working on sending out estimates, and thank you notes for the past week's assignments. Indeed, it has been a productive week so far, yet by the non-photographer's way of seeing things, we've only worked two hours and been standing around doing nothing the rest of time time.

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