Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BBP2 - Now A Best-Seller - Thanks!

Well, that didn't take long! Best Business Practices, Second Edition, is now a best-seller on Amazon:
In addition, it's always nice to see people making smart decisions, and including these two books together with BBP2 really does set you up for some solid business reading!
For now, Amazon has sold out on the book, however, it's available in brick-and-mortar bookstores now, and you can get on the list to get it once it's back in stock at Amazon!
Thanks again!

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Boston Photographer | MWynne said...

Congratulations on climbing the ladder. My copy is on order.

Jacques said...

Congratulations! Well done! Keep up the good work and once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights and experience with the world!

virginia corporate photographer said...

I have my copy already and I learnt something from even the foreword!

This is an amazing reference on the not so easily understood practice of running a photo business. Practical know-how for photographers established or beginner. I know I need the help.

An amazing old fashion "download" of information and I don't need a bleedin' 120V outlet at all - thank goodness for simplicity!

Aerial Photographer said...

Bravo John. Glad to see it hitting big!

Love your idea of the first edition passing forward to other photographers and assistants.

(cracking up about Mark's SEO approach)

s.eth said...

Just got my copy in yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.

Todd said...

I recently attended the Summit Series Photography workshop in Grand Teton/Jackson Hole. Nothing short of amazing, and I was led to your book by one of the photographers. He said he wished someone had introduced it to him years prior. Now when a very successful photographer says something like that, one should take heed. So I came home and ordered it.

I have been reading your words and ideas every night. Not only am I soaking in all the details that it takes to run a great business, but I really love the variety of answers that you give to sticky client requests/demands. You have a great way of saying no, and sometimes that can make the difference. For too long I have been undervaluing myself; that is done. I want to say thank you for putting together such an exacting book on the ins and outs of the industry. First rate job! Thank you again.

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