Friday, September 12, 2008

UPDATED: Jill Greenberg: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Jill Greenberg makes some pretty interesting pictures, to be sure. Yet, if she wanted to commit professional suicide by slamming her clients, she should have just kept mum. In the David Walker's PDN Piece How Jill Greenberg Really Feels About John McCain (9/12/08), Greenburg is reported by PDN to have "rubbed her hands with glee" at the prospect of a portrait session of John McCain, since she's a hardcore Democrat.

Greenberg followed the "one for thee, one for me" approach, shooting her trademark style (see cover above), and then setting up (literally) McCain in another lighting setup (see the PDN piece for that image). PDN quotes her as saying

"He had no idea he was being lit from below,” Greenberg says. And his handlers didn’t seem to notice it either. “I guess they’re not very sophisticated,” she adds.
I say "Damn, she's not very bright to be admitting that. Good luck with your future high-profile portrait subjects who will now look at you with skeptical and critical eyes, Democrat OR Republican, since you're bringing your agenda to the shoots you do."

Here's where I bristled at what she had to say:
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Given her strong feelings about John McCain, we asked whether she had any reservations about taking the assignment in the first place...“I didn’t,” she says. ...Some of my artwork has been pretty anti-Bush, so maybe it was somewhat irresponsible for them [The Atlantic] to hire me.”
Really? Are you really that dense that you would call your client "irresponsible"? What were you thinking? Surely, not that the Atlantic, or that art director wherever they end up, or other art directors who will be concerned about the activist approach you bring to your work, will hire you again.

Next time, you might want to follow the "engage brain, THEN engage mouth" approach. Oh, and good luck on that audit.

Greenberg's client has weighed in (via the New York Post):
"We stand by the picture we are running on our cover," said Atlantic editor James Bennet. "We feel it's a respectful portrait. We hope we'll be judged by that picture."

But Bennet was appalled by Greenberg saying she tried to portray McCain in an unflattering way.

"We feel totally blind-sided," he said. "Her behavior is outrageous. Incredibly unprofessional."
More images and commentary: Out-Takes: Behind The Atlantic's McCain Cover

The author of the story weighs in here:
"I don't know Greenberg (I count this as a blessing) and I can add nothing to what James Bennet told the Post except to say that Greenberg is quite obviously an indecent person who should not be working in magazine journalism. Every so often, journalists become deranged at the sight of certain candidates, and lose their bearings. Why, this has even happened in the case of John McCain once or twice. What I find truly astonishing is the blithe way in which she has tried to hurt this magazine."
And the PR Agency for the magazine issued yet another statement by the editor:
We were not aware of the manipulated and dishonest images Jill Greenberg had taken until this past Friday.

When we contract with photographers for portraits, we don't vet them for their politics--instead, we assess their professional track records. Based on the portraits she had done of politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger and her work for publications like Time, Wired, and Portfolio, we expected Jill Greenberg, like the other photographers we work with, to behave professionally.

Jill Greenberg has obviously not done that. She has, in fact, disgraced herself, and we are appalled by the manipulated images she has created for her Web site of John McCain.”

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that Jill is going to be allright.....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with what she said, it is very unprofessional of his PR team to select her given her very open democratic and anti-republic background. Good for her to take this opportunity. I would have gone for an extreme two-faced sidelight.

Jarrad Kevin said...

I love her work, but...

Did you happen to catch these on her website front page?:

Duane said...

Wow, that is just wrong. When someone hires you because of your style and professionalism AND you accept the job you owe it to perform the job you were hired to do. If you have a problem with it then you shouldn't take the job.

Anonymous said...

she did the photo she was asked to do, as reflected in the fact that the atlantic got their shot. she owns the rest.

seriously, photographers like to tear each other down worse than any other artists i've ever heard of. it's amazing. a peer of yours took her own copyrighted image (not the atlantics, who chose a different image for their cover) and did what she wanted with them.

no wonder photographers don't have a union.

Witte said...

Ironically, had this story not broke, I never would have heard of Jill Greenberg... And it's not like I live under a rock or anything... Next to yes, but not under.

Personally if I were the editor I probably would have killed it as the cover story and gone with something else. Just because this is what the photographer turns in, by no means it has to run.

I am however blown away by this statement: ""He had no idea he was being lit from below,” Greenberg says. And his handlers didn’t seem to notice it either. “I guess they’re not very sophisticated,” she adds."

A: How do you not notice?
B: Unwarranted character assault.

I've photographed several people with backgrounds I'm not in agreement with but I'd never tank an assignment or photograph them in an unflattering way because A: I'm an unbiased journalist (one of a dying breed) and B: I'm not catty.

Anonymous said...

You can be a hardcore Democrat without being an asshole, right? Because now I'm not so sure.

flyingfish said...

This is a great way to not pick up future assignments. I have photographed quite a people I strongly disagree with, but when I got to work I leave my opinion at the door.

Even if a Democrat gets into office she may be denied access for an assignment given her public comments. PR Flaks don't like getting blind sided, especially when they set up the shoot.


ken said...

It's unprofessional, disrespectful and...a little wacky! Checked her site and the opening photo is of a monkey peeing and defecating on his head! WTF!

Strangeness aside...the interesting thing is that there is a history of photographers manipulating light (jill's aka: the manipulator) and images of politicians and others for their personal views.

What comes to mind is Gregory Heisler's image of the double-faced George Bush 1 for Time (in this case, I think it was Time's view), Arnold Newman's photo of Alfried Krupp for Newsweek and Steichen's portrait of JP Morgan.

Actually, it would make an interesting book.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she probably was wearing jeans and had her shirt hanging out too.

Anonymous said...

I hope her next surgery is done by a Republican doctor that feels as strongly as she does . . . do your job bitch and leave politics out of your professional life!

Anonymous said...

i consider myself a democrat... but this is way over the top.. I have lost all my respect for her as she has shown that she has no respect for her clients...

it is not only her statements.. but take a look at her main page

Rosh Photographer said...

Wow was that unprofessional!!

I, as well as many photographers, are called on to photograph people running for office all the time.

Having recently finished a larger shoot with a candidate from the "opposite party" from my views, doing something like that was never a thought.

The team from DC even asked me if the shoot would be an issue for me. Of course not. I'm a professional and I gave them my all.

Again, very unprofessional and sad.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone get a screen cap of the monkey doing things on McCain's head before she took it down?

Anonymous said...

I agree, very sad. I guess in her mind she is so big and so wonderful that she is able to justify her behavior.

Eric Schmiedl said...

Here's another link I found:

Between the crying babies thing, the 'manipulator' tagline, and everything else, I think she's intentionally exploiting the power of controversy as a marketing tool. It seems unlikely, but I guess marketing yourself as a professional sociopath is a lot more effective than most people would have guessed.

Anonymous said...

Genius!!! Fantastic PR stunt!!!

She will do alright. :)

Anonymous said...

Not that much different from this:

smyles_eh said...

Didn't notice he was being lit from below? That's dogshite. Look at his eyes. He's looking right at the camera, but unless he's blind, he can see the lights. Fighter pilots need to know up from down, dontcha know. I think we all need to know that side of him, too. After all, he could be the man in charge in a matter of weeks.

dave wright said...

i never got to see the monkey peeing on his head. :(

Anonymous said...

She's a sick bitch........but these pictures just makes the other side more pissed off and divides the country more. A true Canadian and shows her colors.

I drive threw RISD every day and see her kind, rejects from the normal world. Mistreated little kids.

Anonymous said...

business is business-leave your political feelings out of it. What a loser. Shows how "professional" she really is. I hope she can look forward to alot less assignments for either side in the future. I would like to think all dems are not reprehensible, vindictive babies, but I am beginning to wonder.

As a professional in her same field, people like her make us all look bad.

MarcWPhoto said...


The modeling lights were on for strobes that did not fire. Anyone who was not familiar with how studio strobes work, while they might have noticed that the downside one got brighter and the topside one didn't, might not have realized what this meant. If she was stopped way down, she could have had the modeling light for the dish at full power and the one for the downside light off or very low, and to the casual observer, the lighting balance would have looked exactly opposite what it really was.


Kevin said...

It never ceases to amaze me how people in various fields choose to alienate half or more of their audience by spouting politics where none is called for. Just imagine: you can double the number of folks who think well of you simply by fighting the urge to tell other people how smart you think you are.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit?

Who really cares?

Attention whore; maybe..........or just another photographer marketing themselves.

Next year it will be someone else who does something similar to promote themselves.

I guess it's cheaper than the Black Book or mailers.


jasphoto said...

actually smyles_eh - One of the first things fighter pilots are taught is to not trust your eyes or senses but rely on your instruments - But I did't think you would know that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she committed career suicide because she is getting the reaction that she wanted. Yeah the Atlantic probably won't call her again but I have a feeling that other more potentially lucrative doors have been opened up to her now.

Would anyone remember her if it weren't for this and the crying babies?

pogomcl said...

this is hilarious because The Atlantic probably got exactly what it wanted and knew how to go about getting it effectively. Their cartoons haven't been so flattering to McCain, so now they have the photograph to match. She did a really good job, but I doubt if she will suffer too much for the comment. The shot is really rich. he looks like one of the Chipmunks with a thyroid problem. And besides, The Atlantic is known for it's persnickity particularity that can make an established, recognized author wait 20years before a story's accepted. So if they didn't want it, they could have had something else. sure it's not quite as good as a cover on the RollingStones, but almost.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what Jill REALLY looks like? I found her photo on the web:

All of her inner beauty seems to POP through...

Jon said...

The need to reveal the desire to vent her anger using the medium of her profession surely undermines any assumed integrity she has, and is rather self-serving
but also asks the question of whether she had the talent to achieve the desired result in a much more subtle manner.

Anonymous said...

To those defending the execrable Ms. Greenberg:

She was hired to do this shoot as a professional. She had a duty to her client to provide a useable image. But she also had a duty to her subject, no? Didn't Sen. McCain have a reasonable expectation to be treated professionally? If he didn't notice that he was being lit in an unflattering manner, could it be because he put his trust in her as a professional?

Sorry, there is no justification for what she did. Even "artists" have to adhere to some principles of common decency.

Anonymous said...

Her actions in this shoot were completely unprofessional and also completely unoriginal.

Lighting from below in order to make McCain look more sinister.

Photographer Arnold Newman shot Nazi factory owner Alfried Krupp in one of his factories with green lighting in order to make him look more demonic.

The difference--Alfried Krupp really was a Nazi at some point in his career. He tortured people. McCain on the other hand endured extra years of torture in a communist camp in order to stand by his fellow troops.

woods said...

The kind of person that eats government cheese, likes it, and then cusses and complains about what she just did...

Anonymous said...

I think it just makes it harder for hardworking photographers to be trusted. I have enough trouble getting people to relax around my camera without them thinking I might be trying to make them look bad on purpose.

My question would be how would everyone react if a professional photographer had done this same thing to Obama?

Unprofessional anyway you look at it.

Anonymous said...

No one is gonna read this far down but...

The photo the Atlantic Monthly used is far better than the one she made for herself, which is the kind of lifeless and characterless photograph a first year photo student at a community college has to do as a lighting exercise.

The Atlantic Magazine's art director and editor's choice tells us a lot about what McCain has been through, it's physical toll on him, and how that experience ( torture as a POW and malignant skin cancer) has shaped his thinking. By comparison Greenberg's personal choice tells us nothing about him. It is simply a bad photo.

Why is her personal photo so weak? Weak direction on top of bad lighting. Compare it for example to Arnold Newman's portrait of Alfred Krupp -- -- which was made basically the same way: in the last frames at the end of a longer portrait session, he had Herr Krupp lean slightly forward to get the ominous effect. ( Krupp had greatly increased his family's fortunes by aligning himself with Hitler and his Nazi cronies and was a big time user of slave labor in his factories.)

Like Greenburg, Newman made his photo as an emotional response to the subject but it is propelled by Newman's fierce intellect and intelligence while Greenberg's personal photo is driven by a shallow and snarky cynicism (the same thing that drives the McCain and Palin campaign to repeat the same obviously obviously disprovable lie ( even GOP master strategist Karl Rove says " "McCain has gone in his ads one step too far, and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100-percent-truth test," and of course there is Palin's continually deliberate mis-statements on the the infamous Bridge-to-Nowhere earmarks) repeatedly -- they both Greenberg and McCain's campaign think you are gullible enough to fall for the Big Lies.

Jill Greenburg thrives on generating controversy. The more McCain supporters gin this thing up, the more she'll thrive.

Was what she did unprofessional? Sure, but not by making the photo she wanted to make, but in the way she has behaved afterwards.

We know about Newman's manipulations but they weren't public knowledge for years afterward. If Greenberg wanted her personal photo to be effective she should have just started circulating the photo without the brass ball clanking braggadocio.

But maybe that is the problem with blogs: you have to fill them up with something and you have to draw attention to their existence.

Anonymous said...

Unprofessional. Disgusting.

Will hurt photographers in the long run/ Tighter embargoes, shooting tethered, approval of every frame, more approval and rights to control from the get-go.

She is an idiot!

Thanks a lot Jill! Fine example of the profession you a re not!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures- pay back time for Repubs. Thank you Jill.

Dems save talk about ethics for after the election. We've lost two because of our Pollyannish attitude.

Bruce M said...

Take your own politics out of the issue and look at what Greenberg has done: unprofessionally approached a magazine assignment. She doesn't own the photos merely because she took them, since this assignment was a WORK FOR HIRE. The contract with The Atlantic would have stated whether she had any rights to outtakes from this assignment, and when those rights would convey to her.

Let's assume (since we don't know) that she had rights to the outtakes when she reworked the captures into her posted images. Since it is known that she took the cover photo, and can be deduced that this was her only session with McCain, everyone will know that she took these Atlantic outtakes to make her revised images. Did she ever show those outtakes to the magazine? Again, let's assume so, and that the magazine had no comments to her about those images or restrictions on their use.

Regardless of any bias of the magazine, she has connected her rework with The Atlantic, and bragged at how stupid the magazine and the subject were. Who will want to hire a photographer who may make a fool of the client and the client's subjects?

It's one thing to use controversy to fuel your business. In many ways, controversy works. However, Greenberg let her emotions undue her professionalism, and in effect defrauded The Atlantic and McCain for her own agenda. She jumped at the chance to photograph someone she wanted to denigrate, clearly not something The Atlantic hired her to do.

The only clients she'll be able to get now are ones who want to tie themselves to her controversy, or who have a blatant political message and would like her to manipulate subjects the way she has. But what subjects will agree to let her photograph them?

I think she'll find a lot fewer jobs for magazines and especially her advertising gigs, if any. Advertisers tend to avoid politicization of their products, and (mostly) want to avoid controversy that can affect their sales. Magazines don't want to lose their advertisers.

And don't be surprised if we all see stricter work for hire contracts and fewer rights on outtakes, at least for a while. Jill Greenberg clearly did not take into consideration the effects on her future employability, or how it would affect the photographic industry.

How will you, as part of the photographic industry, treat her, when your rights are restricted on future assignments?

Ron said...

I heard that in a fit of revenge Sarah Palin has earmarked some money, encouraged her husband and staff to put pressure on all the top magazines over the next year in an attempt to get Jill Greenberg blacklisted and prevent her from ever working in media again.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Jill Greenberg

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that this totally unprofessional "woman," (although I hate to even give her that decent title) is never again used for an important assignment. How anyone can be so lacking in integrity is a slap in the face to professional photographers everywhere. She is lower than pond scum, and that's really low.

Anonymous said...

Greenberg = ignorant gutter slut with minimal talent and less intelligence.
I feel bad for our Country. Instead of weighing out our candidates as we should, we have been hypnotised into acting like we are voting on the next winner for American Idol. C'mon America, I don't care who each of you votes for, but educate yourselves and do it for the right reasons.

Shooterms said...

I just found this youtube video of her.

Is anyone else disturbed by her dispassionate description of how to make toddlers cry? She's not just a bad photojournalist, she's just bad.

Anonymous said...

How could she do something so irresponsible?

I hope that after this episode she gets audited by the IRS.

I beat my brains out on a regular basis to prove my high level of professionalism to clients to justify my rates; now she goes out and does this.........

Jill you're a dumb c**t.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care one bit about Ms. Greenberg or her politics.

Before her huge error in judgment; I ran my business as straight and honest as I could and always made sure that my clients needs were taken care of in the most professional of manners. I would never have had to worry about what she did "on her side of the street" nor did I ever worry about any competitive situations with her.

What I am bothered about; is what Ms. Greenberg did to all working editorial photographers by putting herself first and not thinking what impact her selfish actions would have on photographers. Her actions will most definitely have an impact on how editorial clients will be treating us in the future.

What will become more troubling and what will damage more photographers businesses will be the contracts and rights grabs that clients will rain down upon us as a direct result of her actions.

Jill calm down; you need to get laid more often.

Anonymous said...

"What will become more troubling and what will damage more photographers businesses will be the contracts and rights grabs that clients will rain down upon us as a direct result of her actions."
from anon above.
Just like work for hire jobs spoil it for a few, I believe everyone, including myself, will still have the ability to negotiate and present ourselves as a professional and adult. People are blowing this way out of proportion. I wish there was this much wrath aimed at the low ballers and bottom feeding scum who do work for hire jobs. I think they have done more collectively to damage our industry than one particular individual who blew HER chances at continuing a professionally tailored service.

TC in CO said...

Besides her being so utterly and sensationally unprofessional, sick and mean-spirited, these photo manipulations she did of McCain are so juvenile! How old is this moron? This strikes me as a teenage boy letting loose with some vile emotional spasms after getting rejected by the lead cheerleader at high school. Pathetic.

jncarlos said...

And so for the sake of a political opinion yet another person demeans someone to make a disputable point point. At what point do these people ask questions like, what would a son or daughter or father or mother think when they saw this? No, I guess not, that would actually involve thinking about someone other than themselves.

Will Seberger said...

To borrow from Office Space, "They fixed the glitch."

Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly disgusted. What a disgrace to Americans. Aside from the fact that this was very child-like and accomplished nothing other than making Greenberg look like an ass, it was hugely unprofessional, not to mention incredibly disrespectful of someone that fought for this country. Excuse the McCain camp for assuming they were hiring someone to portray Senator McCain in a neutral light. I hope her company fails and leaves her destitute. Go back to Canada Greenberg, you're level of distastefulness is repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Jill Greenberg may have acted unprofessionally as a photographer but she was right professional as an artist. Art thrives on controversy and in the debate that follows, always has and always will. "But she's making a statement I don't agree with!" John McCain has made statements that I don't agree with. Artist makes art. News at eleven.

Anonymous said...

It seems a lot of photographers on this blog are in denial. Magazines are a thing of the past as are newspapers. Editorial work is dead. Greenburg is an artist. Stop clinging to blind professionalism as a raft that will save you. Your crazy anger is trying to tell you something.What is your fall back plan?

Anonymous said...

"Greenburg is an artist."

From Anon above.

Sorry; Avedon was an artist, Greenberg is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that anyone is defending her let alone applauding her. She has proven herself to be an Evil person. She can NEVER be trusted, not with Children and not with Adults.

Also, the comments of how could they not know... Come on, most people are clueless about professional photography. It's really stupid to simply assume that what is common knowledge for you is common knowledge for someone untrained in your profession.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a wacko. Dishonest. Despicable. Ignorant. The list could go on and on. She is an out of control Democrat that is not smart enought to know that she sends more Democrats to the Republican side when she acts this way. What would you expect from a psycho who made tiny children cry on purpose so she could get photos of them??? And this bitch had the nerve to say that she felt selfish bringing her 2 children into this messed up world. This world is messed up because of idiots like Jill Greenberg and I hope she gets sued like nobody's business. For those of you interested in doing so.....give her a call and leave her a message at 310-360-6260. Maybe Canada wants her back after she goes out of business??

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know from the people that have lambasted her into oblivion just what exactly are you afraid of? Do you actually still believe every image you see as authentic. They are just pictures for God's sake. Who really cares if one person goes down in flames? Like I said earlier I firmly believe, myself included, that we all will still have the same opportunities to show that we are professionals and can act like adults. This guilt by association meme frightens me more than then final images of Ms. G. Think about this for a minute, did the ABA disbar Alberto Gonzales? If one of the most credentialed associations of one of the most prestigious career fields didn't punish one of their own for misdeeds he performed while holding the nation's highest law enforcement titles why should we as a profession be worried about one creative who went off the deep end? Practice your own professionalism and accept the fact that others don't and THEY will pay the price enforced by the market. Just like Spam she'll be deleted.SRE

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

OK Jill fucked it up. How about Bush and his vicious warmonger pals at the WWH and in congress. We are worse now than when Bush took over. Iraq was safer when saddam was in power than when Bush decided to invaded it for not reason at all.
Bush and the reps in less than 5 yrs had killed more innocent Iraqis than Saddam did in 50 yrs.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Oprah will hire her. Two women who have lost their credibility.

Anonymous said...

Yall have to be crazy to vote for McCain. If you want 4 more yrs of Bush then go right ahead. I want a better world for me and my kids. Maybe I will move to Europe. Spain, Italy or France they got better life style, food, wine, no medical or school cost and dont care about invading other countries and killing lots of innocent folks.

Anonymous said...

abake07 "I'm thoroughly disgusted. What a disgrace to Americans." if you are really disgusted then make sure that war monger McCain doesnt become the pres and that woman that is able to see Russia from her backyard the VP.
Otherwise more Bush policies, more Iraq, more $6 gas, more Katrina, more trouble with the economic.
I am sure you were distusted with the invasion of Iraq and the death of over 800,000 innocent Iraqis. Now that is a lot much worse than a stupid picture of a hateful man.

Anonymous said...

This is soooo laughable ""What will become more troubling and what will damage more photographers businesses will be the contracts and rights grabs.."
If you guys are so DUMBE and CANT SAY NOOOOO to bad deals then go ahead give up your rights and sign all those ONE-WAY contracts. She did her job and the cover looks great. McCain is an old man, with yellow teeth and red eyes. He aint a movie star. The outakes is something else and none of that ran or were given to the magazine.

And if some of you would vote for McCain, who wants more of Bush and 100 yrs in Iraq, then dont cry once he becomes the president and be glad to have a VP that as credential is saying, "I can see Russia from my backyard." For reals folks, all photographers have got more experience than Palin. Most of us had traveled a lot more around the world and understand how people think and how they feel about us. Palin is great at shooting a deer here and a sad looking Moose there.

Don said...

I'm I the only one wondering how much that image will sell for?

Looks like Jill has different priorities now that she's a mom. I'm sure she'll do just fine.

minnesotaboone said...

"To the ordinary guy, all this is a bunch of gobbledygook. But out of the gobbledygook comes a very clear thing: you can't trust the government; you can't believe what they say; and you can't rely on their judgment. And the implicit infallibility of presidents, which has been an accepted thing in America, is badly hurt by this, because it shows that people do things the President wants to do even though it's wrong, and the President can be wrong."
H. R. Haldeman describing the situation to Richard Nixon.

Who among us is infallible? Is Jill Greenberg an Artist or political activist or both? Personally I think she let her own sophomoric feelings impede her judgement. A rational person would have handled their own career a bit more delicately. At what point does the importance or your message exceed your need to survive?

Anonymous said...

I personally hope she ends up out of work, homeless and beaten to death under an overpass somewhere by panhandlers stealing her shoes.

Anonymous said...

The only thing she accomplished by acting out against Senator John Mc
Cain was to see her career go up in smoke. Every editor is going to see this and think twice against hiring her.

Rob said...

good post

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic piece of poo she is! Probably helps to be taking all those meds so she can actually sleep . . .

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Kevin Simms said...

McCain is a fucking turd. More power to Greenburg.

Martin Lawrence said...

To the anonymous turd advocating her death...

You, my friend, will be the first one to go. Fuck off and die.

Anonymous said...

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