Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stock Artists Alliance Shuts Down

The Stock Artists Alliance, an organization dedicated to a focus on the rights and needs of stock photographers, shuts down in April, according to Roy Hsu, David Sanger and Betsy Reid, all former officers of SAA. Formed in 2001 to combat encroachments on revenue and rights that Getty Images was demanding of photographers, it grew to serve a broader audience as it expanded.

We wrote about SAA back in 2007 (Photo Business News - 9/07 - God Save the Alliance) when they were releasing a white paper on the rampant infringements that are ongoing on the internet. When Reid, whom I count among my friends, was hired by the Professional Photographers of America (SAA announcement, 3/09) I was concerned for the future of SAA, as she was really the cornerstone of the organization.

The demise of SAA parallels the demise of the stock photography in general. The money just isn't there for the creator, however, it seems, the corporate giants that the SAA was founded to fight, still sees money. If nothing else, they see an unending flow of images from all comers, most as doe-eyed contributors who have no concept of their rights, or the value of their images.


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