Monday, June 28, 2010

PR Photography Pricing and Subject Follow Up

In my other job as a full time photographer, I often get asked by clients "hey, who owns these photographs", and I always respond "I do." This is almost always followed up with "so, how can we see them if we were interested in getting a copy?" I always tell them I will send them an email with that information, which includes the following URL:

That PDF tells them all about the process, and also, that there will be a fee associated with it. Over the years, we have generated significant annual additional revenue from the subjects we photographed, which is just one of the many reasons why keeping your rights is of critical value to solid business practices. Over at A Photo Editor, Rob Haggart has a great article titled Real World Estimates – Publicity Pricing and the Value of Subject Follow-Up, which addresses a number of other points that often come up with clients and subjects.
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Per and Britt, BKWine said...

That is a very useful document!

Are you OK with me (or other photographers) using that text, partially verbatim, partially only as inspiration (some text is not relevant in my work), to create a similar document for my (other photographers') activity?

Per Karlsson

John Harrington said...

Sure thing. The same text is in my book.


Wedding Photographer said...

I like Your article about PR photography pricing and Your point of view.

I often get asked by clients "hey, who owns these photographs", and I always respond "I do."


Per and Britt, BKWine said...


Oh, it is in your book. Should have looked. I've read it and it is excellent!

Recommended reading for anyone who wants to sell photos.

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