Sunday, April 27, 2008

It Ain't Easy Being Us, Now Is It?

I used to take offense and get all worked into a lather when I heard stories about reporters being given cameras. I'd rant and rave, and now, I just laugh. A tossed-back head type of a laugh, usually coupled with a hearty "good luck". How else to respond to such an absolutely absurd suggestion? A second place to this is the eye-roll that takes place when someone asks, of a non-Holga/lensbabies-type image, "what camera did you use". Ok, when it looks like a Holga or Lens Babies, I get that you *might* want to know if it was done that way, or in Photoshop. But now I just roll my eyes when I hear this question.

Next up is my "welcome to the real world" sentiment when I hear that an editor thinks they can shoot an assignment.

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Now, don't get me wrong - I know many editors who were amazing photographers, and either their knees, wrists, back, or a combination thereof got a bit worn down, and they opted for the steely grip of a two-buttoned mouse over the elbow-to-the-gut wrist-inverted pose that is required when you're shooting with a 300mm 2.8 sans stick(s). Or, they decided that the cool breeze from central a/c coupled with the office latte machine and reasonable (or atleast predictable) hours was more conducive to the family life they promised their spouse when they said their "I do's". This is, usually, when the spouse starts asking when the 'for better' part is coming along, as the insane hours had the marital gearshift stuck in the 'or worse' direction.

It's those editors who are new to town and somehow believe Google Maps when it says you can get from point A to cross-town point B in 25 minutes. Or, it's the editor who doesn't know that there's a problem with 1100 West Capitol Street or 111 First Street. (hint: in DC, #1 doesn't exist, and there are four of #2). Lastly, it's the editor who complains that you didn't get the shot, and brushes aside excuses like: 1) You didn't tell me that the concert promoter expected me to sign a form which gave all rights to the photos I would shoot for you to the band, for free; 2) I got arrested trying to make this photo and have been 'indisposed' for the last four hours; or 3) the subject decided once I got there that they didn't want to be photographed, so they left to get ice cream with their girlfriend.

It's like this: You can't know war until you've fought in it; you can't know parenting until you've been a parent; you can't understand death or divorce unless it's smacked you upside the head on some idle Wednesday; and you can't know what goes into - and can go wrong with - and assignment, unless you've been on the street trying to make something out of - literally, nothing.

Enter Reuters. Reuters' blog has an interesting entry, which is worth a read: Stepping into photographer’s shoes…, (4/25/08). In it, one of Reuters intrepid editors, who no doubt has gotten upset with the failings of an assigned photographer in the past, gets put out on an assignment. Not because she wants to, but because she has to, as a part of her "performance target" for the year (as, apparently they all are now required to do). Her name is Shahida. I'll apologize now to Shahida for my criticism of her experience, because it comes about 1/10th close to what we go through for our editors, but serves as a lesson worth reading.

First things first - Shahida gets to pick a day when she's working for her first foray out as a photographer. In other words, she left the desk, and is being paid her salary, while making photos. This isn't reality. There's nothing on the line, like - 'miss the shot, you don't get paid for the day', or 'miss the shot, get yelled at because the other wires beat you', or 'miss the shot and the A1 front page story now has missing art', kind of pressure.

Next up - Shahida was overconfident in her first outing, and she was looking for static images of old and new buildings. This isn't iStockphoto you're producing image for, it's Reuters - the highly regarded wire service! Anyone I know would get laughed off the phone if they, well, phoned in a performance like that.

Then, Shahida encountered the human condition, as it is prone to wanting it's privacy. "Go get me people in suits, and be sure to get their names..." now seems a bit harder than before? I guess that's the point of this exercise.

In her post-mortem of failed assignment #1, Shahida tells herself to plan ahead, be mindful of the weight of your gear, and that an assignment (even as simple as this one) requires time, patience, and a fresh mind.

Plan ahead - yes, good idea. Did you just think you could go out and make images that were worthy of a being wire image?

Mindful of the weight of the gear? I presume this will give you some compassion and cause you to not ask "why didn't you chase after that guy to get a shot" - because I was carrying 100 lbs of gear, and they outran me. Lesson learned.

Time/patience/fresh mind? Right, so don't go giving a photographer four assignments and expect the same talent and attention on the first as you do on the fourth, unless they have atleast 10 years under their belt. Also, don't go repeatedly calling the photographer asking "have you got it yet". We know the pressure of the assignment - it's weighing on us. Your phone calls aren't helping. In fact, they're a distraction.

Outing #2 for Shahida wasn't much better. She thought she could outrun a train, even having "dressed comfortably", and carrying "a lightweight backpack." She wasn't discreet (or, perhaps aggressive) enough and got the boot from railway station. Her lesson - "a little bit of research beforehand doesn't hurt." Uhhh, that's a given. Again - lesson learned. Maybe next time Shahida will help her assignee out, and do some research and include it in the e-mail to the photographer? What, no? Heck, can't I just dream a bit for all the future photographers to be assigned?

Outing #3 is sold as the point where "thing really started to come together". Uh, no. Not from what's shown on the blog anyway. But, she did learn that what the photographer sees on the LCD screen is small, and can't always yield information we need - like sharpness. In her case, sharpness may not have been an issue, but what about the photographers you're working with? And, you were able to get back to that office to view your files, not on a laptop in the bright sun trying to make out color and tone. Count your blessings on that one. There was, of course, the distraction and fear of barking therapy dogs. Please remember this when the barking is from police/military/guards with guns, or protestors weilding sticks. Your fear of "stepping on a dog's tail" does not equate to our fear of having thugs stealing your gear and giving you a beat-down, or worrying as you are being detained if you swapped the CF card with the images you want for a blank image card that is going to get confiscated.

I laughed the other day - out-loud, when I learned that the fabled photo editor at the Washington Post, who, it has been reported, left his perch atop the Photo Department at the Washington Post, to "get back to shooting", had an encounter with the reality his team worked in for years. As the story goes, on one of his first days out (if not the first), for a weather feature, Elbert was decked out in his new "photo clothes", and headed out to make some art. Upon returning, perspiration making it's way through his attire, his colleagues wanted to see what he had made. Elbert demured, saying he didn't think he had anything worthy to share. Come on - for a weather feature? So, back out he went, for a second attempt. Coming back again, exhausted and his now nice outfit in need of a heavy wash cycle, something akin to "it was a hard assignment" passed his lips. More than one of his former team mates (and I use that term, which suggests a high level of morale in the department), whom he had chewed out for missing a worthy picture in the past, chuckled under their breath. Welcome to the real world Mr. Elbert. Atleast Michel DuCille had come from the street to take over for you, and put in some solid time covering Katrina, so I know he knows what reality looks like! Next time you're in a press scrum doing the back walk, remember - knees bent, no cameras behind your back to fall on and break (and jam into your kidneys), and work with your colleagues so everyone gets the shot - get in, get the photo, and get out before you take a tumble. Maybe this story, as recounted, isn't exactly as it transpired (but I believe it to be), but it's worthy to make the point about an editor's newfound perspective. Now only if this clarity had come along a decade or so earlier.

Interestingly, Shahida (and other Reuters desk positions) was the beneficiary of US/EU outsourcing, and Elbert has downsizing/buyouts to thank for his current state of affairs - the idea being something like "I want to end my time here as a photographer", and so, he has - he's among those partaking in the latest buyout, according to sources. Two peas-in-a-pod, on opposite sides of the globe, one getting their sea legs, one sun-setting themselves before the ax falls of someone else's doing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about what we do. I just enjoy anyone's newfound respect for the profession. Don't give a photographer a pencil and expect cogent questions during a press conference, and then have it turned into a solid lede, or even a quality product post-jump . Don't give a reporter a camera and expect images that will keep your readers buying the paper. And don't give your photographers both still and video cameras, and expect both to come back equally well shot.

Hopefully, the Reuters "performance target" will make more understanding editors out of their staff, with a newfound respect for those filing the images. One can only hope.

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Anonymous said...

i found this a rather photographically self-absorbed post. the the profession's a changing. photogs who can't write are going to be stuck writing for junk weeklies. writers that can't photograph aren't going to get hired in the first place. i have fun writing the A1 stories and photographing them, much to the chagrin of the photogs, writers and editors who don't get grasp the fact that singular talents only go so far.

Mark F said...

Who's editing you? Writing A1 Stories without capitalization and other errors just proves YOU weren't designed to take on this double task and excel. I know I'm not!
Anonymous, you miss the point completely. The virtuoso violinist wouldn't for a moment adopt the one-man-band approach (if you know what that scene looks like). Reporters whether they like it or now are required to carry point-and-shoots as well as video cameras to feed both print and online editions in all it's forms. This contribution is considered being a "TEAM PLAYER" for no additional compensation.
What next - policeman administering the sacrament and writing tickets at the same time? Ridiculous I know!
Of course there are incredible feature writers who can write fabulous stories and shoot wonderful images but they ARE few and far between and I know they are compensated for both packages. That is the key!

You need only to see these new hi-tech gum shoe reporters on the street carrying on this "one-man-band" approach and you can see it just isn't working. Seen the Post recently?

I'm waiting for the readers to figure this all out and when they do they'll trust us even less. These folk already know the same pressure in their jobs when asked to do more and more for less and less - quality suffers.

Next up - "Words - who needs words, lets just pan some video-sweet!". (Look out sideline shooters HD is here)
This is a very steep and slippery slope and we should not start down on it - Darn it's too late.

I beg your pardon but you do sound awfully new to the workplace were your boss can just keep piling on more responsibility and you keep taking it. Give yourself 20-30 years at your $??K job. Will you laying out the page soon too? What then... "I like graphic design too!"
If we continue accepting this trend we're just halving our value - or worst yet; if you consider the WP demanding for video content from their reporters too, you are now at a third of your original value!!

This article by JH isn't self-absorbed, the situation is just completely absurd and everyone in the business is shaking their heads as this dinosaur struggles to stay aloft.

I'm no writer by a long shot that's for sure but it's enough to try and be a good photographer/technician, businessman, father, husband, computer genius, photoshop devotee etc. etc. I'm exhausted - Good luck it you choose the other path.

Joel B said...

Dear John,

I've always appreciate reading your thoughts and regular updates. It helps give me a low-down on ethics, principles and all things business in the photo-biz. They never seem to teach those in school anyway.

Your critique on being the platypus journalist is well-founded. However, for the recent college grad about to get his feet wet, straddling video & stills could prove invaluable an experience. At the end of the day, content is king, whichever the platform it is carried upon. Having an arsenal of different mediums at your disposal could be a good start to learn the art of telling a good story. It keeps me on my toes every time by helping me discern what is the appropriate medium to use at the given moment. It helps me become less one-dimensional even.

That said, i am not in agreement of employers paying 1/3 your salary when you are serving a 3-in-1 function in the role of a multimedia journalist. The onus is probably on the employer to compensate accordingly. But sadly, with the decline of newspaper profits in America, expanding the budget is the last thing on their minds.

What are your thoughts of breaking out of this vicious cycle?

For me, now at least, i try to stay sane by keeping a visual journal for personal projects that i've invested time on. You can view it on:

Its my respite from churning out "multimedia content" at whatever the cost to feed the beast that is the WWW. (think celebs gossip, product launches, PR initiatives)

Its sad, but Photojournalism as a business is getting harder by the day. It seems like you have to do more, get paid less just to continue working in a profession that you love. And I'm not even based in America.

You seem to have that equation all figured out John, and for that, you have my respect.

Dan Anderson said...

I liked the post, but as a good counterpoint you should check out the latest issue of News Photographer for short yet sweet story about a writer who started taking pictures and has now won some NPPA cliping awards. Just thought I would bring it up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"much to the chagrin of the photogs, writers and editors who don't get grasp the fact that singular talents only go so far"

Tell that to your insurance company, after your Surgeon, who also is a chef; screws up your operation and you lose your leg.

How do you like them apples?

Mike Goldsmith said...

This is a great story. It falls in the "walk a mile in my shoes" category;or as a once famous frog said, "IT ISN'T EASY BEING GREEN".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"i found this a rather photographically self-absorbed post."

What forum is this anyways?

But then again with you wearing so many hats at your job; maybe you didn't get a chance to fact check.

How do you like them apples?

P2 Photography said...

I found this a rather interesting post. Not photographically self-absorbed. It would be a laughing matter were I, as a photographer, were to try and do the job of an editor. Perhaps for some the opposite is also true.

Anonymous said...

to mark: my journalism has won national awards and i am currently earning a second living (twice my reporter salary, actually) as a freelance photographer. i'm not saying that to brag, but rather to illustrate a point that people can do two things and do them successfully. i am remaining anonymous because i am a not interested in entering into a pissing match with people who pay me. and i could care less if you think my avoidance of capitals is somehow indicative of my inability to create stories that inspire, educate and move people. you have absolutely no idea who i am, how long i've been in the industry, who i work for, or what i do. to make assumptions about me is unfounded and pointless.

i am not missing any point, and i did not say john's post was self-absorbed. i said it was photographically self-absorbed. big difference. don't put words in my mouth.

i think there is a big difference between reporting something, either visually or in writing, and editing something. i am not advocating that reporters become editors or graphic designers. again, don't put words in my mouth. comparing surgeons who cut peoples' arms off on accident to people who report stories in multiple mediums is like comparing apples to space ships. story telling can happen in many different ways, and it's more than possible to learn to tell stories effectively using multiple tools. those who don't believe me are going to have a really hard time in daily journalism during the next few years.

as a writer, i find that photographing my stories helps me think cinematically, which consequently influences my choice of words, description and detail. as a photographer, i find that my interviews give me deeper insight into my subjects, which allows me to capture images that more accurately reflect the truth.

these are my opinions and i'm sticking to them. i believe that many people who think i'm crazy are more worried about protecting their job descriptions than they are about creating a news product that's effective and progressive.

to those who complain about the future: i wish you luck as your ship sinks.

Anonymous said...

and to john harrington, thanks for bringing this issue up and fostering discussion. i hope this industry can survive the current upheaval, but i'm pessimistic.

Anonymous said...

You can't argue with the mentality of "as long as I'm busy". I know a lot of photographers who have to stay busy and they feel they would rather work 20-25 days a month at 650 a day than 4 days at 3 grand. The price keeps going lower because of this notion. Unfortunately I can't help but watch all the journalism majors feed on each other as they try to justify their education in a workplace that they now have consumed in all measures to supplement their primary career field. Welcome to the club, the water's fine and while you're here don't forget to tell your younger friends you have figured out a way to stay busy.

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